‘Twas Christmas in the poorhouse.  The boys were feeling blue.  The boys in gray were fighting.  A Merry Christmas to you.

Ho ho ho, and all that.  Christmas is fast approaching, and Santa’s helpers, Ollie Dee and Stannie Dum, are busy at work making all manner of toys for good little girls and boys.  Hopefully they’ve got their orders straight and won’t be building any six-foot marching soldiers this year.  But just in case they get distracted by rampaging bogeymen, we here at the Albuquerque Busy Bodies are putting together a little something special for some of you “good little girls and boys” to put under the tree.

The following Christmas giveaway is open to all Sons (of any age) who somehow manage to get off their couch and send in their Registration Form (You know you want to) by New Years Day.

At last we get something for nothing!


First seen at our 1978 International Convention in Chicago, this signed limited edition lithograph is of a charcoal I drew in 1976 (I think it was of a Tuesday).  Other than to a couple of friends, it hasn’t been available for purchase since the mid eighties — the last time being in Marshall Corby’s infamous Laurel & Hardy Catalog.

But purchase it, you need not.  This original artwork will be awarded (by blind drawing) to some lucky Son(s) who send in their full registration by year’s end.  And not to worry.  If you’ve already sent in your full registration, you will be included in the draw.

As soon as 25 more Sons have sent in their signed Registration form (from now until year’s end), a drawing will be held for one of my “long lost” charcoal prints.  If 50 Sons should send in their Doe! by New Years Day, we’ll draw again for two (count ’em, TWO) more prints.  And if by some Christmas miracle 75 Sons should fully register, we’ll be more than thrilled to award three more prints.

So if you’re so inclined, sit up straight and mail your Registration Form well before Christmas (No, not Christmas in July, but this December 25th) so that there is ample time for it to arrive in Albuquerque by New Years Day.


But wait, there’s more!

T-Shirts!  T-Shirts!  T-Shirts!  

We will be awarding convention t-shirts to some lucky Sons who’ve registered.  If you’ve already registered, not to worry, we can either refund your 20 bucks or you can order something special.  Perhaps a convention shirt with your tent logo or your name emblazoned on the sleeve.  Just think of the possibilities.  No, really, start thinking of what you might like.

So tell all your tent-mates.  Not only will you be in the running for these great Christmas gifts, but you will be helping to fund a great 22nd International Convention in beautiful Albuquerque New Mexico..


Have a very merry Christmas season, and don’t forget to register.


 BS: To follow the goings off,  just keep an eagle-eye on the thermometer on the “Delegates List” page of this website.  The starting number for the giveaway stands at 64 registered Sons.

BBS: The larch…..