The following three trips are included in your base registration cost.  You must choose one on the application form, however, as they will all be happening at the same time.  Of course it’s always an option to choose none of these and decide to do something fun on your own (with other Sons, of course).

The High Multitudes Tramway Excursion

Experience the thrill of the world’s longest aerial Tramway.  This twenty-minute once in a lifetime trip ascends up to our 10,375 foot high Sandia Crest, where you might relax and dine (at your own expense) while enjoying a breathtaking view of the city below.  Or if you prefer and can handle it, take a medium-difficulty hike along a Sandia Crest trail.

Oh…and while you’re up there, be sure to drink plenty of that good ol’ mountain water.  It’s the iron in it.  Pom, pom!

Tram tickets and transportation are included.  So be the first on your block to sign up, as seats may be limited.

PLEASE NOTE: If you’ve got respiratory issues, you might want to bring oxygen or choose something that doesn’t involve 10,375 feet of elevation.

And by the way…bringing a sweater or jacket might be a good idea, as the temperature can be 20 degrees cooler on The Crest than in town.

The Crest Caravan

For those intrepid Sons who’d rather keep their feet on the ground, take a nice group drive out of  town and up a scenic  winding road to the very tip-top of our Sandia Mountains.  Note: This destination is nowhere near where the tram terminates.

On your way up, stop at the Tinkertown Museum — an indescribable eccentric machination of one man’s enduring infatuation with “stuff.”  (Tell me that again.)

While on the Crest, peruse a nice gift shop, take a little hike, or just marvel at the view.

Our caravan will be comprised of Son’s individual rental cars augmented with whatever local transportation we can muster.

And do bring a sweater or light jacket, as it can get mighty chilly up there.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have respiratory issues you might want to bring oxygen or choose something that doesn’t involve 10,600 feet of elevation.

Santa Fe

Right up the road apiece is “The City Different.”  Santa Fe, at 7,199 feet it’s the highest capital city in the United Sates (in altitude, that is).  If you’ve got a hankerin’ for high-end art and crafts, this is the outing for you.  Believe it or not, there are more galleries in Santa Fe than in New York City.  And the Chuck Jones Gallery might be of special interest to those Sons who are cartoon aficionados.

But fear not wacky-experience lovers.  We’ll also make a stop at Meow Wolf, an indescribable extravaganza of nonsense.  (Seems right up our alley, right?)

Balloons, Balloons, Balloons

While in the hot air capital of the world, why not hop aboard and take a ride?  Drift through the sky on a floating bag of hot air (No wise cracks,now.)  Get a birds-eye view as you drift slowly by — not a care in the world.

This event will, by necessity, happen early in the morning during your scheduled Time On Your Own.  So you can elect to take a balloon ride in the morning and still participate in one of the three events above (The Sandia Tramway, The Crest Caravan, or the Santa Fe trip)

We cannot accommodate a whole slew of Sons, however, so they will be awarded on a first-come-first-served basis.  Check the box on your registration Form if you’d like to take a ride.  We will notify you if you make the cut.

The Breaking Bad Tour.

Climb aboard a vintage 1970s RV for a three-hour tour (Just like Gilligan), and visit many of the sites you’ve seen in the film. 

This event is offered by a third party, and in order to secure a special outing for our Sons, at a time of our choosing, we will need to make it worth their while by more or less filling their van.

If we get sufficient response, we will plan it during your scheduled Time On Your Own.  So you can take the tour in the morning and still go on one of the three trips mentioned above (The Sandia Tram, The Crest Caravan, or the Santa Fe trip).

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate more than a van full, so this will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

Check the box on your registration form if you’d like to take the tour.  We will notify you if you make the cut.