Delegate List

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Convention Dates: August 17-21, 2022

Due to the ongoing pandemic (I’m guessing you’ve heard of it), this Delegates List reflects both Sons who have sent in a deposit toward their registration costs and those who’ve sent in their signed Registration Form and are now fully registered.

<— The thermometer to the left shows the percentage of Sons who have sent in their signed Registration Form with their total cost and are now all paid up.

Deposits are no longer being accepted, as the Registration Form is available for submittal. 

You can find the Registration Form right here on this website.  Just click on the “Registration Form” button on the home page.  The displayed Registration Form can be downloaded or printed directly from the website.

I strongly recommend that you send in your signed registration form and reserve your hotel room as soon as possible.   The hotel has given us 80 rooms per night at our convention rate of $139 per night, and may not increase our allotment.  Also, knowing that we have the funds to finance some of the extra fun stuff we’d like to offer will go a long ways towards making them happen.

You can search on any of the data.  For example: Entering “Per” in the Search field  will retrieve all of the delegates from the Perfect Day tent.  Entering “Rick” in the Search field will retrieve all delegates with “Rick” in their name. 

Give it a shot.  And if ya can’t find your buddy on the list, call ’em up, yell at ’em, and tell ’em to send in their Registration Form post haste  (with a check, of course).

Beneath the list is a bar for scrolling to the next or previous grouping.  Currently there are 5 pages to our list.