The 22nd International Sons of the Desert Convention is officially ON!

We have secured the Hotel Albuquerque with its great location and ample facilities.  Sons can now book their rooms by clicking on the “Convention Hotel” button and then the “Reserve My Room” button on that page.  You can also reserve your room by calling the hotel directly and mentioning our code of “2108SONS.”  It is important that you mention our code to receive our special rate of $139 per room (single or double).  

Our Registration Form is also now available for download or printing by clicking on the “Registration Form” button.  If at all possible, please consider mailing in your full payment right away, so that we have ample time to prepare. 


February Report:

Yes it’s true.  I’ve  been remiss in updating this “News & Status” page.  But be assured that I’ve been a very busy bee collecting your money and working on countless details behind the scenes — all to give you a fantastic New Mexico convention.

We have officially secured the Kimo Theater for our Friday night show.   Something came up and we had to move the show from Saturday to Friday evening.  But not to worry, as it only means that our proposed Friday night banquet has been moved to Saturday.    It’ the ol’ switch-a-roo.

With our original 80-room hotel block now completely filled, the hotel Albuquerque has graciously allot us a few more.  It took a lot of groveling and pleading, so I can pretty much guarantee that there won’t be any more forthcoming.  So if you haven’t already, and want to stay in our wonderful convention hotel, you’d better reserve it now.

Also, I highly recommend that you book your flight NOW.  With the ongoing war and rising gas prices, I seriously doubt that airline prices will drop any time soon.

September Report:

The ol’ themometer that used to show how many rooms we’ve accumulated has been changed to show what percentage of those Sns who sent in a deposit have now sent in their Registration Form (and are now fully registered.  THANKS!)

If procrastination is your only excuse for not fully registering, I must say that it behooves you (just like a goat) to send in your Registration Form as soon as possible and without any detour.


July Report:

Lets see now, Just what was it we needed to say at this juncture?  Oh yes….

The convention is ON?        It’s a GO!         It’s happening   (August 17-21, 2022)

Thanks to all you positive thinking Sons who broke with tradition and sent in their convention deposits, we now have a sufficient number of delegates to launch the convention at the reasonable rate of $350.  As of this writing we are still a room short of the 80 we need to guarantee the hotel, but I’m sure, given a whole year, that we’ll have 80 or more in in a jiffy.

The official Registration Form will be published soon (UPDATE: It’s now published and available on this website), and I hope that everyone will fill it out and send it in…without any detour!

Just so there is no confusion, now that we have secured the Hotel Albuquerque with its abundance of space, we are welcoming ANY AND ALL lovers of Laurel & Hardy to join us in celebration of The Boys.  Tent membership IS NOT required.  


June Report: 

May turned out to be a great month for pre-registering Sons. While April only had 3, May saw a total of 25 sign up!   But then, we still need a bit more to satisfy the 80 room guarantee the hotel is insisting on.   And even after the ol’ barometer, thermometer tops out at 80 rooms, we’ll still need more delegates in order to offer all those little niceties we’ve got planned.  (UPDATE: Deposits are no longer being accepted.   Instead, please just send in your Registration Form).

May: (or maybe not)

What a cats after me!

Only a few Sons have chosen to sign up for our convention in the whole month of April.  At that rate there is no way we can launch a traditional Sons convention.  We are now a fast 15 months out, and we have a long way to go.

Having a banquet is not like walking into a restaurant and ordering food.  These things must be planned way in advance, and the hotel providing it must have assurance that it is worth their time.  For them, accepting a group of, lets say, ninety-five people is losing money.  They would be giving up their precious banquet space while potentially turning away a much larger group.

These strange times and the fact that we are all growing older by the day makes it difficult to go forward like we did in the past; where we could rely on many Sons deciding to come in the last minute.  These days we must have sufficient numbers earlier to proceed, and we must have them soon.  With our current numbers (on May first) we cannot afford to pay for the amount of food and the number of rooms the hotels are requiring.

So… at this point we are establishing a deadline of July the 4th for pre-registration.  At that point we will no longer be accepting $100 deposits toward your final registration price.  Hopefully by then we’ll have enough Sons to move forward. but there is a chance that further registrations will cease and you may be locked out.

So please don’t wait to send in your convention deposit!  None of it will be spent until we are sure the convention is a go, so help make our 22nd International Convention happen.   Your timely participation is oh so important. 

Every Sons convention has relied on volunteers from loyal Sons around the country.  The Albuquerque Busy Bodies is a small tent that can perhaps use your help more than most.  Please consider stepping up and taking on one of the following listed items.  Contact me,, to volunteer.


  • Registration Desk                           Mother Hen has stepped up.
  • Registration                                     Me, me, and…oh my.
  • T–Shirts                                           Larry Bohannon’s got ’em covered.
  • Name Tags                                       Choose, Order, Place names on tags
  • Goodie-Bags                                    Pick ’em, Order ’em, Stuff ’em
  • Tickets                                              Bill Oates will print ’em
  • Golf Contest                                     Flip,  Big Business, et al    (Al who?)
  • Pee-Wee Contest                             The Block-Heads volunteered for this
  • Trivia Contest                                   It’s Rick Green’s baby
  • Master Of Ceremonies                     We need ’em
  • Awards                                              I may make some of these
  • Match Game (Sons edition)            Mark Turner is on it with me.
  • Dealer Room                                    Glenn Campbell wants it  (God help us)
  • Film Room                                        Running “projector,”  Screening The Boys
  • The Kimo Theater                            See the details to the right –>
  • Film Procurement                            For Film Room and otherwise 
  • Audio / Video                                   We got Dan Dawes, but he may need help.
  • Grand Parade Video                        Receive tent clips & produce video
  • Photography                                    Marcia Opal has this covered
  • Authors and celebrities                  Bob Satterfield is the man 

Ever dream of being a director?  Well, our Evening At The Kimo Theater is going to need one.  If things go as planned, we will (of course) watch The Boys on the big screen, but there will also be some live entertainment.  This will require someone to oversee a same-day rehearsal (run-through) and make sure everything is going smoothly. 

No directorial experience is necessary — although it wouldn’t hurt.

                                                                    — P L A N S,  E V E N T S   &   I D E A S —

This section list some of the NEW offerings we are considering for the convention.  Of course we’ll be having our traditional events like The Trivia Contest, Film Room, Dealers Room, etc. 

This time the Grand Parade of the Tents will be a video production.  In the interests of time, only those tents present at the convention will be included.  Once the convention is a go, you’ll be asked to submit a high definition clip representing your tent.  If you use a cell phone (highly likely), please remember to turn it sideways so that we receive a landscape production.

Match Game (Sons Edition): This event will be just like the classic TV show, where a panel  of six “celebrities” will attempt to match contestants by filling in a blank.  All questions will be Laurel & Hardy related, but have no correct answer.  For example: “When Ollie told Stan they were going jitterbugging, Stan went out and bought a _______.”  

The “From Soup To Nuts” memory challenge.  How much can you recomember?

Famed Author Randy Skretvet discusses his latest offering.

A retrospective of all the past celebrity Sons from the Way Out West tent.

Perhaps an “Our Gang” 100th year anniversary celebration.

Stan & Ollie’s Silver Screen Photo Jeopardy.  How quickly can you name the film from the slightest scrap of information?  Perhaps a candle stick or an innocent doodad looming in the background.   

How about an open mic to (briefly) share some of your precious memories from past conventions.