Pre and post Convention Trips

This time around we are offering something different.  While there will still be the traditional Tuesday trip, this time it will take place early Wednesday, so you’ll only have to book the hotel one extra day instead of two.  We are also offering a fantastic two-day overnight excursion and one-day long trip for those intrepid Sons wanting to get here early to further enjoy our state.

Our two-day Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad trip will be limited in number and can be paid for right on your Registration Form (or at a later date).  

In January, we tallied up all interest, and their final prices were calculated and are presented below.  Since we can’t guarantee that everyone will make the cut, it is highly recommended that you submit your Registration Form or trip payment as early as possible.

NOTE: We’ve scheduled these so that those wanting to go on the traditional (Wednesday) pre-convention trip can also take one of the two-day or one-day long offerings.   So be sure to make your selections known on the Registration Form, and hopefully pay for them right along with your convention registration.   Prices are listed below.

Wednesday’s Sky City & El Malpais National Monument tour  $65.00

Acoma Pueblo, otherwise known as Sky City, is the oldest continually inhabited “city” in North America.   They are known as Sky City because their town sits atop a fortress-like mesa — which came in handy for defense in olden times. The Acoma tribe is known for their distinctive pottery, and would be glad to sell you some.  Actually, you’re likely to find a great piece priced directly from the potter.  There is also a Museum we’ll peruse.

A new Route 66 museum is scheduled to open prior to the convention, and we’ll be sure to make a stop there along the way.  

El Malpais (The Bad Lands) National Monument is a huge expanse of lava flow.  I suggest, if you want to wander through the lava, that you bring a pair of shoes you don’t mind tearing up.  That lava is sharp.  

Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad   $320 (Includes your hotel)

If you’re a railroad buff, this is the trip for you.  If you’re not a railroad buff, this just might be the trip for you.

Voted “The Nation’s Most Scenic Train” by readers of USA Today Magazine, this five-hour journey though pristine wilderness is about as relaxing as it gets.  It’s like you’ve stepped back in time to a bygone era.  And isn’t that just the sort of thing we’re after?

It’s “All Aboard” pretty early in the morning, so we’ll take our sweet time the day before getting up to Chama and checking into a hotel for the night. 

With any luck, we might arrange a lovely lodge in the woods, which would be well worth the trip all by itself. 

Carlsbad Caverns National Park  (Cancelled)

On day one we’ll have a leisurely drive down to Carlsbad, perhaps stopping at a fun place of interest on the way.  That evening we’ll check into a Carlsbad hotel and head on over to the cave entrance to watch the emergence of millions of bats.  This is really a sight to see, and completely safe.

On day two we’ll explore the caverns at length, vanquish the bogeymen and hightail it for home.

NOTE: We originally planned to stop off at White Sands National Park on our way back, but I’m told it’s not doable with a large group of people.  If the group(s) end up being small enough, we might add White Sands to the trip.

Chaco Canyon Tour   $225.00

If you’ve ever seen the documentary “The Mysteries of Chaco Canyon,” hosted by Robert Redford, then you have some idea of the incredible mysteries surrounding this site of ancient massive ceremonial buildings — the purpose of which is not really known.

Our one-day informative tour (presented by Herritage Inspirations) will give you a chance to wander among the ruins, pondering the question of who built them and where the heck they went.  Or if ponderin’ just ain’t your thing (You’re on vacation, right?), you can just have fun climbing around, spotting petroglyphs, and enjoying the vast desert scenery.

I heard they even give ya lunch!

NOTE: This being a world heritage site, there is talk of closing it off to tourists in future years.  So if you’d like to see this site in person, now might be the time.  


White Sands National Park / New Mexico Museum of Space History  (Cancelled)

NOTE: This is a one-day long trip.

At white Sands you can explore the endless gypsum dunes, toboggan down a few, and take all the pictures you want.  We’ll try to get there later in the afternoon when the light is ripe for photography.

Be sure to bring your Kodak and plenty of film.

The New Mexico Museum of Space History speaks for itself.